Office of the County Administrator

The County Administrator's Office is responsible for coordinating and implementing actions approved by the County Board. This includes, but is not limited to: maintenance of all County Board files and lists of appointments; preparation of calendar and agendas for scheduled County Board and committee meetings; and recording and transcribing minutes of County Board committee meetings.
The County Administrator directs the day-to-day operations of all County functions and activities which fall under the jurisdiction of the County Board. He coordinates County departments, offices or agencies under the jurisdiction or policy control of the County Board, including implementing and/or monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Board policy in all such departments, offices or agencies. He plans, develops, presents and recommends policies and programs for consideration by the Board. Specific operating responsibilities include: coordinating preparation and implementation of the County's annual operating and capital budgets; administering personnel and purchasing policies; administering all risk management and insurance programs; and providing direct supervision of centralized administrative services. He cooperatively works and collaborates with all County departments, offices and agencies not under the Board's jurisdiction or policy control to promote a high level of interdepartmental cooperation and consistency of administrative procedures and operations.