Animal Control

The Jo Daviess County Animal Control Department investigates complaints of dogs running at large, picks up stray dogs and investigates complaints of abuse and neglect in the County. Animal Control is a mandated County enforcement agency for protecting the community from rabies.

If an Animal Control Officer finds your pet, and your pet is wearing a current license tag on its collar, Animal Control will contact you. If another citizen finds your pet with its license tag, they will be able to contact the Jo Daviess County Animal Control Department by calling the phone number on the license tag. Animal Control will then in turn contact the owner. If your pet has been lost, Animal Control recommends that you contact them immediately. It is also advised that you visit the shelter to look for your pet every day. Sheltering of strays for Jo Daviess County is provided by Dubuque Regional Humane Society. You may also contact Animal Control at 1-815-776-0326 regarding your pet.
Due to the State of Iowa import regulations, the Dubuque Regional Humane Society is unable to accept animals from outside the State of Iowa, unless the animal has a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection as well as proof of a current rabies vaccination for all domestic animals over 4 months of age. All local vet offices may provide these certificates. The regulation applies to stray animals that are found by citizens as well as citizens wishing to rehome their domestic animals.
If you have any questions please contact the Jo Daviess County Animal Control Department at 815-776-0326 or email