708 Mental Health Board

The Jo Daviess County 708 Mental Health Board is the mental health authority of the county government operating under the provisions of H.B. 708, Illinois Revised Statutes, also known as the Community Mental Health Act.

The Mental Health Board was created by a referendum approved by the voters of Jo Daviess County in April, 1989.Through the passage of this referendum, a property tax levy was established to support the Mental Health Board’s mission.Each year the levied funds are distributed to provide services for residents of Jo Daviess County experiencing mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, and others whose mental health is negatively impacted by social and/or environmental conditions as determined by the Jo Daviess County Board. This Board recognizes trauma – domestic, sexual, and emotional – as an additional area of concern.

Mission: To provide leadership to ensure the availability of a comprehensive system of community based mental health services for the residents of Jo Daviess County who are affected by developmental disabilities, mental illness or substance use disorders.

The Board has two mandated responsibilities. The first is to distribute tax monies to support programs serving residents of Jo Daviess County. Through an application process grants are awarded to community-based organizations that provide mental health-related services for county residents. Any organization that provides services within the county may apply for grant funding. While the grants cannot fund entire programs, the monies do support specific services within an organization.

The second mandated responsibility is to review and evaluate mental health services and programs to ensure the availability of appropriate services. Agencies receiving 708 funding are monitored and reviewed throughout the year of the grant funding.

The seven-member Mental Health Board, appointed by the Chairperson of the Jo Daviess County Board, meets a minimum of four times per year to determine and execute the work of the Board. All meetings are open to the public and are held at the County Board Room, Jo Daviess County Courthouse, with one meeting per year held on-site at one of the funded agencies.

Service providers receiving grants through the 708 Mental Health Board:

Contact of Northern Illinois
CONTACT is a 24-hour, 7-day per week Helpline that provides support to those in crisis, adults, seniors and teens.  The hotline also provides information and referral in coordination with other service providers, and support for individuals living alone.

Phone toll free: 1-888-463-6260

Who we are:

CONTACT is a 24 hour 7 days a week Helpline, that has been serving our area for the past 34 years. CONTACT of Northern Illinois is one of over 52 centers accredited by Contact Teleministries, USA. All an individual has to do is dial our number and they will be connected to a Certified Line Specialist who is there to listen. Our crisis line volunteers answered over 27,847 calls in 2014.

What we do:

CONTACT takes calls from abused or addicted adults, lonely seniors, teens, and individuals threatening suicide. In addition to our help line, we provide, Reassurance CONTACT, phone calls for medication reminders, daily check ins, Teen Crisis helpline, kid phone, and information and referrals. CONTACT of Northern Illinois has been serving Stephenson County since 1981.

Contact of Northern Illinois
Midwest Medical Center
Providing counseling services and tele-psychiatry services.

Midwest Medical Center
Kreider Services Inc.
Kreider Services, Inc. is the provider of residential services for individuals in Jo Daviess County who have developmental disabilities.

Phone 815-777-3634

Kreider Services, Inc. provides residential housing and programming services to 34 individuals with developmental disabilities living in Galena and Stockton. Kreider Services has two homes in Galena and two homes in Stockton. The two homes in Stockton are structured under HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and provide low income housing for those individuals.

Riverview Center Inc.
Riverview Center is a domestic and sexual violence crisis center providing free and confidential services.

Phone 815-777-8155

Riverview Center is a nonprofit agency committed to providing free, confidential, compassionate, client-centered care for individuals affected by sexual and domestic violence in the tri-state area of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Regardless of means, our clients receive the following high-quality, professional services:

  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • legal, medical, and general advocacy
  • therapy by master's degree level counselors
  • transition assistance for domestic violence survivors
  • training by qualified professionals
  • violence prevention education programs

Our educational programs and professional training sessions are available to all area schools, community groups, and businesses.

Riverview Center
Tyler's Justice Center for Children
Tyler’s Justice Center is a non-profit Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) providing services to victims of sexual abuse, and/or serious physical abuse.

Phone 815-947-6030

Tyler’s Justice Center for Children serves as a central location for intake, investigation, and follow-up for all victims of sexual abuse, and/or serious physical child abuse victims, ages 0 – 18, in the tri-county area of Jo Daviess, Carroll, and Stephenson Counties.

Tyler's acts on the principle that no one agency or professional alone can investigate, prosecute and treat the problems of child sexual abuse and/or serious physical abuse - a coordinated, team response is necessary. We work closely with law enforcement, DCFS, and the State’s Attorney’s Offices, in each of our three counties to form a Multi-Disciplinary Team.

Services Offered:

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Victim Advocacy & Support
  • Forensic Interview
  • Specialized Sexual Exam
  • Case Management
  • Client Assistance
  • Legal, Medical & Resource Advocacy
  • Community Education
  • Prevention Education - Pre-K- Stephenson County
  • Professional Cross-Training

Tyler's Justice Center
The Workshop
The mission of the Workshop is to promote the general welfare of individuals with disabilities in Jo Daviess County.

Phone 815-777-2211

The Workshop is a vocational rehabilitation agency that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Real work experiences are provided in the industrial contracts program, in the commercial laundry and in community janitorial services.

In addition to these work experiences, the Workshop staff also provide educational instruction, social skills training and activities, and wellness programs.

Individuals in special education programs, who are completing their high school education, may participate in the transition program to prepare for work. And individuals seeking competitive community employment can be supported through Workshop programs.

The Workshop




Colleen Farrell, President

15 Wedgewood Dr.
Galena, IL  61036
Term expires 6/30/2025
Linda Nobis, Vice President

6526 S. Speer Rd.
Hanover, IL 61041
Term expires 6/30/2025

Mary Jo Losey, Secretary/Treasurer

207 S. Prospect St.
Galena, IL 61036
Term expires 6/30/2025
Bill Hermann

794 S. Park Rd.
Stockton, IL 61085
Term expires 6/30/2026

Jane O’Brien

442 W. Wachter Rd.
Galena, IL 61036
Term expires 6/30/2025

Joann Robinson

221 S. Madison
Elizabeth, IL 61028
Term expires 6/30/2023
County Board Representative:

Lynn Gallagher (District 11)
320 Elk St.
Galena, IL 61036


2014 Jo Daviess CountyMental HealthNeeds Assessment

Information from a comprehensive evaluation of the mental health service system in this county and surrounding areas is contained in this report. The findings from this study serve as a guide for awarding grants to service providers.
For a comprehensive listing of human services resources (including services for persons experiencing mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse disorders, and domestic, sexual and emotional trauma), please use the links below to access the 2021 Community Services Directory, published by the HOPE Foundation of Jo Daviess County and the Jo Daviess County Social & Environmental Committee.

Resource Directory introduction:


Actual Directory:

The 708 Mental Health Board of Jo Daviess county sincerely appreciates the work of the Hope Foundation and all those involved in preparing and sharing this information!