County Board Committees

The County Board Chairman, with the advice and consent of the Board, shall appoint the chairman of each standing committee from the membership to each of the eight standing committees as is deemed necessary for the proper oversight and functioning of the business of the Board.  Each Board member will be appointed to at least two committees.  The majority of members of the committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

 The Board Chair is a standing member of all committees.
  •  County Board Chairman - LaDon Trost
Executive Committee - Chairs of all other committees
(meets each month on the Tuesday in the week before County Board)

  • John Lang, Chair
  •  LaDon Trost, Vice-Chair
  •  Dianne Allendorf
  •  John Creighton
  •  Diane Gallagher
  •  Tina Brandel
  •  John Schultz
  •  Don Zillig

Law Enforcement & Courts Committee
(meets the 3rd Monday of each month)

  • Don Zillig, Chair
  • John Grizzoffi, Vice-Chair
  • Dianne Allendorf
  • Tina Brandel
  • Lynn Gallagher
  • Darcy Wild

Social & Environmental Committee
(meets the 3rd Thursday of each month)

  • Dianne Allendorf, Chair
  • Tina Brandel, Vice-Chair
  • Lynn Gallagher
  • Joseph Heitkamp
  • Bob Heuerman

Legislative Committee
(meets the 2nd Thursday of each month)

  • John Lang, Chair
  • Don Zillig, Vice-Chair
  • John Creighton
  • Dan Holcomb
  • John Schultz
  • Darcy Wild
  • Michael Holt

Development & Planning Committee
(meets the 4th Tuesday of each month)

  • Diane Gallagher, Chair
  • Lynn Gallagher, Vice-Chair
  • Steve Endress
  • Robert Heuerman
  • John Lang
  • John Schultz

Public Works Committee
(meets the 4th Monday of each month)

  • John Creighton, Chair
  • Robert Heuerman, Vice-Chair
  • Steve Endress
  • John Grizzoffi
  • Joseph Heitkamp
  • Michael Holt

Information & Communications Technology Committee
(meets the last Wednesday of each month)

  • Tina Brandel, Chair
  • Steve Endress, Vice-Chair
  • Dan Holcomb
  • Lynn Gallagher
  • John Grizzoffi
  • Vacant

Finance, Tax, & Budget Committee
(meets the last Thursday of each month)

  • John Schultz, Chair
  • John Lang, Vice-Chair
  • John Creighton
  • Diane Gallagher
  • Michael Holt
  • Don Zillig
Special appointments:
708 Mental Health Board - Lynn Gallagher; Blackhawk Hills Reg. Council – Diane Gallagher; Board of Health – Dianne Allendorf; DMATS – Don Zillig; NWIL Enterprise Zone -John Schultz; Jo-Carroll Enterprise Maintenance-D Gallagher/J Schultz; Jo-Carroll Foreign Trade Zone –John Schultz; Extension Council – Bob Heuerman; ETSB-911 – Dianne Allendorf; GGMI – Vacant; Juvenile Justice Council – LaDon Trost; LEPC – Tina Brandel; Planning Commission –Bob Heuerman; Solid Waste – Michael Holt
Special committees:
Liquor Commission - LaDon Trost, John Lang, Don Zillig; Labor Negotiating Committee - Tina Brandel, John Grizzoffi, Bob Heuerman, LaDon Trost