Jo Daviess County Board

Mission Statement

To improve Jo Daviess County residents' quality of life by providing cost-effective public services while fostering economic health, regional cooperation and stewardship of community assets.

Powers and Duties

Jo Daviess County operates under the township form of government. The governing body is the County Board. The County Board's primary function is to establish the various budgets of the County funds and to levy taxes for County purposes. The County Board also adopts all ordinances and rules pertaining to the management and business of the County departments and offices.

County Board Meetings

The County Board meets at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the County Board room on the third floor of the Jo Daviess County Courthouse in Galena. A special meeting may be called at any time upon submission to the County Clerk of a petition signed by at least one-third of the members. Only such business may be transacted at the special meeting as has been stated in the notice of the special meeting called.

County Board Committees

The County Board operates on the committee system.There are currently eight standing committees. Committee appointments are made by the chairman, with the concurrence of the Board. The chairman makes appointments of all special committees and various other boards and commissions, with the concurrence of the Board.