County Highway Department

The Jo Daviess County Highway Department is responsible for construction and maintenance of the 186 miles of County highways.

The Department makes surveys, prepares plans, and supervises design and construction of all road and bridge projects on the County highway system.  This Department is also responsible for the township projects constructed or maintained with Motor Fuel Tax funds and gives technical assistance to twenty-three township road commissioners when they request it.

The County Highway Department employs seven full-time maintenance workers as well as some seasonal maintenance workers, two technical, and clerical personnel.

The maintenance operations consist of snow and ice control, traffic line painting, mowing of right-of-ways, pavement repairs, drainage installations, seal coating, and other miscellaneous items.

This Department also issues permits for oversized vehicles using the County highway system and to utility companies, municipalities, etc. for the excavation and installation of utilities and sewers within the right-of-way of County highways.


Road Construction Notices

Ordinances Related to the Highway Department