County Treasurer's Office

The County Treasurer, also known as the County Collector, has the duty to receive and safely keep the revenue and public monies of the county.  This office must keep an account of all monies received and keep accounts of monies paid out, stating the time, to whom the payment is made, and on what account payment has been made.  All accounts are balanced on a monthly basis and a report is generated for the County Board.

All payments must be specifically authorized by law or the County Board. 

It is also the duty of the County Treasurer to invest and reinvest any funds which are not to be used within 30 days.  The County’s money is invested in banks in or within close proximity of Jo Daviess County.

The County Treasurer is charged by the County Clerk to collect all of the taxes levied by approximately 110 local taxing bodies within Jo Daviess County.  Upon receipt of the assessments and tax rates, and after the tax extensions are set, the County Treasurer then prints the tax bills and mails the tax bills to owners of record.  After the County Treasurer mails the bills, real estate taxes are payable in two installments.  Tax collection funds are kept in interest-bearing accounts.  The interest earned on these accounts is disbursed to the various taxing districts proportional to the amount of tax collected for them.  Distribution of tax receipts is made to the various taxing districts during the collection period.  At the end of every tax year the delinquent taxes and the unpaid taxes, by law, are offered for sale after publication and notification of the same.

The County Treasurer reviews and grants the tax deferral to those who meet the requirements.  Information pertaining to approved deferrals is then reported to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

The County Treasurer collects and distributes, as required, transfers of monies from the state of Illinois. These transfers include in part: sales tax, supplemental sales tax, income tax, income tax surcharge, salary reimbursement, replacement tax, inheritance tax, emergency management assistance program monies and motor fuel tax.


Things to Know About Renting a Place to Stay in Jo Daviess County

The Treasurer's Office is offering a new service for property search.  The public may now make a free search and reprint tax bills among other information.

Where does the property tax money go?

The Jo Daviess County online payment system with Govtech Services has include the service of an individual escrow or advance payment set up to pay your Jo Daviess County real estate taxes.  You may click on the link to register for this service.
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